Week 2 Contrave

This morning was my week 2 Contrave weigh in. We will get the nitty gritty out of the way. I lost 2.6Lbs this past week and 16.1lbs total since starting this journey 6 weeks ago.

We Failed the Trolley Problem… Miserably

We Failed the Trolley Problem, Miserably. Some of you are probably saying what the hell is the Trolley Problem. Let me break it down for you. In psychology we refer to it as a moral dilemma problem which in essence forces you to look at your own ethics and morals.

Fluid Pour / Date Night / Acrylic Pour / Paint Pouring

My husband and I painted together this evening to share something I love. This was his first time doing a paint pour, and this was my first time with this particular technique. We both picked colors that represented us, the colors we love. Our intent was to put on canvas who we are and how... Continue Reading →

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